Marc’s b-day! I just happened to find this sweet photo of him. Judging by the candles on the cake it looks to be his 6th birthday. I wanted to start the day a little more festively than a usual work morning so I made muffins, Sophia made him a pot of coffee and Andrew took out the trash & recycling and brought in the paper. He has requested a carvel cake and pu-pu platter for dinner, very easy to accommodate. We have a surprise for him after dinner and I hope he ends up enjoying it. In the meantime I need to put away all my Valentine decor and get some better carpet cleaner. I am listening to a great memoir called, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie. It’s my second time hearing it and I’m enjoying it just as much as the first time. Junior, the protagonist wants to better his chances at life and leaves his reservation to attend the white town high-school. It is an incredibly inspiring story. So in the spirit of Junior’s chupstva, I am sending my resume, syllabus and cover letter to RISD’s continuing ed department. I know they get a large amount of requests by it’s worth a try. Now that I have all my stuff done, I’ll solicit other colleges and universities, fingers crossed, maybe it will lead to something! I had un-utitized parts of my brain overheating yesterday, as I tried to layout stationary and print on an envelope. You can see that I cut an image for the letterhead, but didn’t use it because it kind of looked like kitchen curtains from the 80’s, all that was missing was a gaggle of geese.