spring in Fi’s step. We are off to Providence this morning to pick up her orthopedic shoe insert. I hope it helps. Last night we ran out to buy her a new pair of sneakers to start this off on the right foot, hah, I couldn’t help myself. I finally took down the Valentine decorations yesterday. I wasn’t ready to put up easter stuff so I tried to just have green things out. Nothing to write the home decorating mags about. The weekend was fun. I finally got together with two of my favorite gal pals, we had two dates cancelled due to snow. We spent Saturday catching up and visiting a favorite Sally’s (Salvation Army, as Rebecca calls it). We all came away with treasures and I discovered a time machine in the dress department. Just by rifling through the hangers we channeled the 60’s with the perfect ‘That Girl’ or early Brady Bunch dress, next to the perfect ‘Maude’ polyester dress, complete with knee length vest, followed close behind a ‘Whose the Boss’ Judith Light power 80’s shoulder pad ensemble, along with countless ‘Sister Wives’/Michelle Duggar appropriately modest dresses. It was a hoot, and if you are in the mood for time travel, visit your local thrift shop for a trip to the past.