I was craving a thrift score? Well, I have been. All week, so today I went to our local thrift shop, the Johnny Cake shop. I am happy to write that I got a pretty good fix there. I was able to buy a set of dishes (7 dinner plates, 4 mini bowls & 6 saucers) for 4 bucks! I think they will be fun to use in the autumn or for Thanksgiving or the next time I’m entertaining a sea captain. I also bought a retro looking dotty dress ($6), that needs hemming to make it hip-er, a cute jacket for Fi ( $5) and for this spring’s nautical look, a striped jersey top ($5.50). This morning we had new carpeting installed as a result of Archie’s tummy troubles, let’s just say that it was an expensive belly ache. I need to put that room back together and to finish this cutting. This afternoon Sophia has her first physical therapy appointment, which I hope she will benefit from. I am cooking for the first time, corned beef and the green jello is chilling (my sister is probably cringing/gagging) for a St. Patrick’s themed dinner. I am tempted to dye the potatoes green as well, but that might be pushing the yuck envelope even more that I already am! Hope you dear reader are about to enjoy a nice weekend. I would love to see the St. Patrick’s parade in Newport tomorrow, but alas I am living with a bunch of parade poopers! Sigh.