Hello, are you feeling spring? Here in RI we have had some beautiful weather. Today Andrew and I are headed to the doctor. He is having severe pain in his ankles and it doesn’t seem to be growing pain. When I told Sophia, she was like, oh, more funky feet! I’ve been gathering my receipts and tallying up expenses and credits for our taxes. Very sobering, as it looks like I’m not making profit from my papercuttings. I still haven’t done the final tally, so maybe I’ll come out ahead. In other more light-hearted news, two of my favorite shows are having new seasons, Doc Martin and Lark Rise to Candleford. We are still watching what we are eating, I say we, since I have been holding back on baking and buying treats, and that makes an impact on what everyone can eat. I hit my goal weight a few weeks ago, and that number has bounced up and down here and there. I think it’s best not to weigh myself everyday. I was so close to baking some chocolate-chocolate chip cookies last night and I’m so glad I didn’t because Sophia discovered she lost 2 pounds this morning. So that’s the news here. If you can call it that. Oh, and my St. Paddy’s dinner was a complete flop! From the moment the corned beef  hit the stove, it STUNK! I wasn’t even cooking cabbage. I soldiered on and it was inedible and the kids threw in the meadow for the coyotes to eat.