The alarm clock was backed by a chorus of birds this morning. Very springish. Our weekend was nice, one highlight being a lunch date with Marc. We went to Westerly and he tried and liked 84 Water Street for the first time. The kids might of enjoyed our ‘date’ more than we did! And we came home to two happy campers who had baked cookies together and walked the dog. While we were out, we shopped for Easter basket fixings. Oh boy, the candy, the colors, the cute packaging, yum. Marc and I sampled a Russell Stover coconut cream egg in the parking lot and I’m still thinking about that bite I took, sigh. I finished this wedding commission and will deliver it to Studio Hop on Wednesday, since I’ll be in Providence for my meeting/interview. I just un-earthed two portfolios and you should of seen the layer of dust on them. I will be spending the afternoon figuring out what work/pieces to show as examples of my work. In other news, Sophia introduced me to ‘Playlist’. Have you tried it? You can make a playlist of your favorite songs and just play them over and over, no cost and no commercials. I love the new Snow Patrol song, ‘Called out in the Dark’ and can play it again and again. I also included an oldie and to my ears a goodie, ‘Diamond Girl’ by Nice and Wild, much to Sophia’s horror!