no fooling! Yesterday we visited a new baby. I made this care-package for the parents, as I had heard that they were a bit sleep deprived. I thought I was so funny and clever with these dice that I made. The idea is that you can roll them if you want to figure out who’s turn it might be for handling that diaper blow-out. Well, these parents are so well organized that I don’t think my dice will be needed. You can see what else I included. Andrew got a kick out of the fog horn, it’s to get the other parent’s attention if need be. Marc was and is a deep sleeper and I could of used it a few times. The granola and fruit loops can be for breakfast or an easy dinner, complete with the non-fridgerated milk. Today we were tackling projects around the house. Andrew and Marc worked on lawn care and I cleaned out and washed the cars. Fi made cookies. Poor Archie has a bad stomach again, and no appetite which is unheard of for him. He hasn’t even eaten the rice I made him. Thank you for all the kind words about last post’s news:)