* Try saying that 10 times fast. Oh, it’s been a bit of a stressful week and ‘someone’ has been coping by eating sweets with wild abandon. She even broke into the Easter candy for her children’s baskets. Are you scandalized by this confession. The sad part is chocolate does not solve problems. It looks like Archie is getting better, but I’m cautious with this statement. 240 dollars after visiting the vet, we still don’t know what is wrong with him but he does have some medicine to help with his stomach. Marc and I are becoming advocates for Sophia as she begins her High School journey, even though she is still in 8th grade. There have been tears, lots of vomit, red velvet cupcakes, worries, paper towels, grub killer and cadbury mini eggs in the fray here. I also cut this wedding paper cut. So that’s the action here, if you were wondering. Hopefully you dear reader are enjoying spring and using discipline around any Easter goodies in your home, since I’m not setting a good example. By the way, did you know Dunkin Donuts has bunny donuts? Well, they took the heart donut from Valentine’s day and drew a rabbit face on it. I thought they could do an egg shaped donut. It reminded me of the Carvel cakes when they used the ‘fudgie the whale’ cake as a santa.