Today I went to the next town’s Salvation Army. I was delighted with my haul and the fact that clothes, shoes and books were 50% off today. Take that Savers. Lately Savers has, in my opinion forgotten that they are selling used items when they are pricing their goods, items that the original owners no longer WANTED. For $20.64 I purchased: a pair of jeans for Andrew, a pair of shoes for moi (Sophia and I are going out for high tea on Saturday and these will match my $5 dress, although they are terribly uncomfortable, I hope I can hobble into the tea shop with them, but for $4 I will suck it up) 3 baskets (two will be used for Easter) a Martha Stewart sham that I’m going to try use instead of that awful cellophane Easter grass, 4 mini tea-cups- that I hope to turn into 4 spectator themed headbands to wear to tea-party, a cross body satchel-that I am trying to paint a cute and spring-y color and a nautical themed top. I also had a bee in my bonnet (from this blog: to purchase skinny jeans. Yes even after all the sweets I’ve been consuming. Well I found a denim pair at Walmart for $9. I was there to replenish the Easter treats that were meant for the kids’ baskets. To get them to not be sausage casing tight on my legs I had to go up several sizes and then I just made darts in the waistband. I feel very hip, I don’t know if I look it but I figure feeling it is more than half the battle. Now to the paint bench and to fire up the glue gun.