Hello, Sophia and I are just about ready to go to our ladies tea. Last night felt like Cinderella getting ready for the ball. We had our dresses shortened, I painted a pair of shoes for myself, Sophia is now wearing my $4 shoes with inserts, we were feverishly gluing our tea-cup head bands, which had to be personalized, luckily Sophia talked  me out of repainting the cups, I made a Mario Bartiloni b-day card for a birthday party Andrew is going to today, and we had some yummy homemade blue-berry muffins, whew. In the meantime I’m doing laundry so we have clean clothes for Easter and I am waiting for Fi and her Father to return from the bank. I have yet to try on a teacup headband, I think they are going to be HEAVY, but hey you never hear Lady Gaga complain about her haute coutier.