Happy Friday! I bought some nice looking apples yesterday. Usually I buy the bagged apples, but this week it was cheaper to buy the loose ones. So I got apple pie fever soon after. I threw the idea out to Sophia and she was enthusiastic about it. I then said, hey do you want to learn how to make an apple pie, and she did. She was also the photographer and suggested we have the pie for dinner! I’m glad I asked if she wanted to see how it was made, otherwise she would of just been surfing the web and pinning. It came out a bit dark as we walked Archie while it baked. I usually complain about a soggy crust, but this time I brushed the bottom crust with an egg wash before filling it. I’m curious to see if that helped. Some other kernels of pie-wisdom that I shared with Fi, good apples=good pie, I once used all the old and withered apples from the bottom of my fruit drawer and you could taste that they were old soggy apples, grated lemon peel in the pie dough adds a fresh taste and adding sugar to the egg wash on the outside crust is a good thing too.  It is the start of Spring recess! Fingers crossed that we will have spring weather too!