Hello dear reader. We had a terrific time with my Mom, sis and nieces in CT. I feel like we are getting so much out of this vacation. Today we went out to have Miss Fi’s ear’s pierced. A big milestone, one that I had been asking if she wanted done many moons ago, but apparently today was the DAY. We went to Walmart and they did a super job. The clerk was so careful and it took a few tries with the magic marker before the ‘dots’ were even and level. FYI, the ear piercing is free, you just have to purchase the earrings, which range from 10-25 dollars. I picked out tiny diamond studs and they look so sweet. Andrew was so squeamish, it was hilarious. He was getting all queasy  when Sophia’s ears were being cleaned with the alcohol swab. To go with the earrings, Sophia has requested a new hair-cut, see image: which I am going to attempt to do. It can go either way, great or an emergency hair appointment with a real stylist in the morning. I have been enjoying these books tremendously: And I made a banana bread from the bunch that didn’t get eaten while we were in CT. Have you ever tried to add chopped dates to your b-bread, it is very good and children think they are chocolate chips. So that’s the latest here. Maybe the next post will be a reveal of Fi’s new look.