Hello, we are back to school and our schedules again. Our vacation seems a long and distant memory now. Yesterday Sophia had a re-check with the pediatric orthopedist. We have no more information as to the cause of her foot/gait issue. She had x-rays done of her feet, ankles and legs, which we were not expecting to have done. It makes sense to have this checked out, but I can only imagine what they will cost, especially as they were done at the hospital. On sunday I had to make something. I had cooked and baked already and I knew if I curled up with a book I’d soon sleepy and my back would get fussy. I had seen a wonderful quilt on Posy get’s cosy’s blog. So I thought, I have so much unused fabric in the basement, I just want to start something. I didn’t have a pattern in mind and it shows! I haven’t done anymore on it but I did start something. The photos are awful as I took them in our basement on a rainy day. Did you know an air hockey table makes for a great cutting station?