you came and left so quickly! So we are now on the eve of May. I’ll repeat myself, but boy time is flying by. Let’s see the weekend had baseball, baseball and more baseball! These games are killing us, Marc went to Friday’s game and it was more than two hours long, not including the 45 minute warm-up before the game, oy! I made these Cinnamon rolls to ‘warm up’ Marc and Andrew after that cold Friday night game. Sophia’s school put on Grease and we (except Mr. Lavoie) went and all got ‘Greased Lightning’ stuck in our heads! I need to borrow the movie to show the kids, so we can really sing along, especially to Beauty School Drop-Out. Today I am getting out of my ‘rocking chair’ (from the expression, Worrying is a lot like sitting in a rocking chair, it will keep you busy, but you won’t get anywhere) and made requests/solicitations to two artist’s reps, a card company, two schools and a new gallery. I should be doing this to new prospects every week. Maybe that will be a new goal. As in most things the hardest part was sitting down and doing it. Enough of the fretting, my goal is to achieve more doing… and less eating!