Washington D.C. adventure. I just dropped her off at her school and she’ll get off the bus tomorrow morning and hit the town running. God Bless her teachers and the parents that are chaperoning, they have a very ambitious schedule! We toasted Fi’s trip with B. King sundaes (don’t judge, they are generous with the hot fudge and cheap!) and viewing Rue Paul’s season finale of Drag Race. Sophia and I were so happy Sharon Needles won. Our favorite is still Latrice, but she won Miss Congeniality. Today I was without internet access. We have had problems with the apple connecting with the network. Fingers crossed that it was just a loose wire, as Marc isn’t having any problems with his PC. I made this for our front door. I had seen a site that cuts your initials out of wood, mine are cut from foam core (thank you Michelle!). I hope this board can hold up to the elements, as it will get wet. We shall see. I like it though. I’ve seen a lot of yarn wrapped letters on the net these days, and thought of doing that, then I came to my senses! Andrew gave it a thumbs up and noticed it getting off the bus. I asked if he knew what it was and he said not really. I said the letters and he was like, oh, ‘i love Marc’, isn’t that sweet?