Hello dear reader, (DAD, DON”T SHOW MOM) I hope you enjoyed some spring weather today. I am getting ready to go to CT tomorrow, as it is my Mom’s B-day. I made this card/book for her, kind of a spin off of the book, All I need to know, I learned in Kindergarten, and the other classic, All I need to know, I learned from my Cat. The batteries died while I was taking photos of my version. Not all the examples I give are this cheeky, but I thought I start out with a bang. I was also hemming and hawing over adding more text to explain the image, or to go into more detail. Well, I opted to keep it simple. This image is of a memory I have from Tehran, Iran. We moved there when I was in 5th grade, so about 1978. My Mom and I had gone shopping for some last minute Thanksgiving things and we were driving home. A car was driving on the SIDEWALK, and as we made a right turn, they crashed into our car, as they were headed in a straight direction. Well, they were all up in arms, despite that they were in the wrong, as again they were driving on the SIDEWALK, and got all in a tizzy when they discovered that the car they hit was driven by a woman, and an american woman! The little guy took my Mom’s driver’s license and showed her his gun, all the while yelling ensued. My Mom was not going to let him keep her license, so she reached to grab it back and in doing so, ripped the pocket off his sports coat. Luckily our landlord was in town and heard the yelling and recognized what he thought was my Mom’s voice. Thank goodness he settle the situation. I was so scared thinking we would be arrested and not have Thanksgiving. I don’t remember my Mom being scared, she was unflappable and clearly wasn’t going to take any bullsh*t.