Hello, is it me or are there more ads for Mother’s day this year? I don’t know what we will be doing for the BIG day, but visions of Seekonk Speedway flea market have danced in my head. Today I managed to make some Mom Day cards. Now to write and post them. I am so used to typing that my hand gets tired so quickly when I hand write something which is sad. Here in Rhode Island we are having a rainy week. Mr. Lavoie informed me that we’re in for 3 days of it, so I’m thinking of 6 wet walks and wet dogs to dry off. The kids are watching ‘West Side Story’ tonight, as they had gotten a taste for musicals from watching Grease. They are harsh critics and are mocking some of the ‘tough’ theatrical moves. I have hit the chocolate chips hard tonight, as they were the only ‘treat’ we have. Not a good idea. I’m waiting to get a green light on a possible project, but I’ll hear back in a week or two. Hard for my gemini nature which wants things to happen NOW! Oy, that’s the latest here. And I have a bee in my bonnet to re-decorate, magically without spending any money, but somehow making some fresh and pretty changes. I think I’ve been looking at too many beautiful blogs of gorgeous, bright and beautiful homes, sigh.