Yes I believe that’s true. Also, You Are The World To Me and Feather Your Nest. These are songs from sheet music we bought at  the flea market today. One vender had a whole box of them. Sophia and I love the typography and the cover art. There were many goodies and treasures at the flea market today. Some things I had to walk away from, not because they were too expensive, but more like did I really need it. Also did I have room or a home for the item. Some of the vendors were such a hoot! One vendor (where I got the depression glass cracker jar), had a ton of ‘cabbage’ patch doll heads that he was pushing very hard. Later Sophia saw him juggling them. Sophia got a black and white polka-dot prom style dress and a winter double breasted coat, for $2! Any way we are going to Middletown this afternoon to celebrate my Mother-In-Law’s and Nephew’s birthdays. I did a cutting for Anne and used sheet music for the background. Yesterday the four of us (this doesn’t happen often) all went out to an arts and crafts show in Apponaug, part of the Gaspee festivities. I had always heard it was a cute town and it really was. It reminded me of Maine or Martha’sVineyard. I wish I had taken more photos. I only have this one of dimples and her Dad.