It’s not so often that I stray from my usual dinner menus. Tonight I wanted to find a recipe for a lo(wer)-cal for macaroni and cheese. I have a great cookbook called ‘Low-Fat Living Cookbook, 250 Easy, Great Tasting Recipes’ by Leslie L. Cooper. I found a recipe for ‘Pastitsio’, or Greek Macaroni and Cheese. It was really yummy. I had to make it early so Andrew could eat before his game, he didn’t end up eating it until afterwards, which gave it time to set, so you slice it like a pie. It was a hit and I will make it again. I had some left-over pasta which I threw in as well. I am cutting back on my portions, but would of easily had two helpings if I wasn’t. We are in Mother Hubbard state, so I whipped up some pound cake batter and to speed up the baking time made them as cupcakes for dessert. I had a bite of Andrew’s and I think they were good. They hadn’t cooled off enough to really tell! Let’s hope I don’t use the excuse of eating one later, to see what they taste like when they’ve cooled. A certain someone is more than willing to be my taste-tester!