on this afternoon’s walk! I was thinking, hmm, this feels like Danish summer. We had some nice weather on Sunday, before the squall. I had success finding a free bicycle for Andrew this weekend. A neighbor put one out during the yard sale. It’s a tiny bit big for him, so getting on and off is a bit tricky, but he loves it. We rode it around the neighborhood and then on the bike path to the train station. I wish I had photographed him, I had the best intentions to. This week I am working on a project for an actual client! Fingers crossed that it actually happens. This is one of my sketches. The idea is that they will be a panel in a paper crown with different themes. I don’t know the protocol for posting about projects so I leave it at this. Time to make some dinner. Still trying to loose some lbs. and not at my goal weight yet. On this rainy day, it would be so to spend the afternoon eating warm baked goods, sigh.