Hello, and happy Friday to you! It has been a long week. I am finding my project to be taking much longer than I ever expected. I also low-balled my price quote, lesson learned (come up with a price and then double it). I had found a great project for Andrew to work on this summer. It is from the ‘crafty crow blog’ and you make a map of the world using postal stamps to make up each country. The package of 2,000 stamps came in the mail yesterday and I momentarily thought of saving it for a hot and dull summer day. Well, Andrew was restless since his b-ball game was cancelled so out came the stamps. Right now we are sorting them into groups according to country. Sophia and I joined in and kept some favorites to ourselves. Digging through them is a great way to learn about geography and history. Many of them feature people who we wish we knew why they are on a stamp. We also discovered “Magyar Posta’ refers to Hungary and that they make great stamps. Here is the link to the project if you are curious. In the post is a link to stamp sources as well. http://www.thecraftycrow.net/2012/05/guest-post-from-lotta-magazine-world-of-stamps-project.html