i got my parents with me!

My folks came for an impromptu birthday visit today. It was such a fun afternoon and evening. We had perfect weather and had day of delicious treats and good laughs. We gals even squeezed in a trip to Wakefield, with stops at Sweenor’s, Benny’s and Ocean State Job-Lot. No designer boutique shopping here, na uh. My parents went to their bakery for fresh breads and the Polish deli for cold cuts and pickles for heavenly lunch. We sang the b-day song around a fruit tart and the remains of yesterday’s cake! I didn’t think I’d be hungry again, but I was and made greek macaroni & cheese for dinner. Out came the Sweenor’s boxes for dessert and a revisit to the afternoon’s cakes! I hope I burned some calories this morning doing a quick clean-up of the house.