Miss Fi, is at her 8th grade social tonight. She’ll get her yearbook, have dinner and music will be played. It was uncertain if there would be dancing. She and some friends were going ready to bust a move, so I hope they will be allowed to. The big concern (for the girls) was what they would be wearing. Apparently some were considering this a warm-up for the prom. Big bucks were shelled out for ‘the’ dress. I got sticker shock when Fi told me what some had paid. We are thrilled to have such a good consignment shop in our town that supplied us with an $8 dress. Of course I have to throw in a party update, I got the mustache/straws made. You can buy them on etsy for $20 for 8 of them. Or go to the dollar store and get 180 straws for a $1 and cut your own ‘staches.