This year I went with baked goods again. I make these end of the year gifts as a thank you to the great teachers we have had, and out of GUILT. The staff at both my children’s schools never saw me on a field trip or volunteering in the classroom. I don’t know if this makes up for it, but at least it’s something. I  found the cards and tissue paper in the dollar section at Target. At first I was just going to make cookies, but I needed to fill 10 boxes and 7 cookies in each box, looked pretty skimpy. So I baked  blueberry muffins, with a quick and tried & true recipe. With the shell theme, because I always love and thrive with a theme, I made the sugar cookies look like sand dollars. I don’t know if anyone will notice this or care, but at midnight I thought it was pretty fabulous. Then again my judgement might of been a bit impaired at that point.