Yes, what an original post title! Well we are at the end of our 1st full week of summer vacation. It seems like years since we finished school. I guess it is a different pace during summer vacation. Yesterday we tried bubble tea for the first time. It was one of Sophia’s ‘summer to-do-s’. It was awful. For those of you who are unaware, it is a drink originated I believe in Taiwan and has flavorless pearls of tapioca in it. You can eat these balls and they are chewier than a gummy bear. We tried a peach flavored one that was way too sweet for my taste, maybe we should of tried a different flavor. All I knew was I slurped up 4 pearls in my mouth, through a wide straw and promptly needed to spit them out. Today we are hanging out at home. Andrew is mowing the lawn, something he was thrilled to do. Maybe we will get crafty this afternoon. Finky is looking for some excitement, Sophia felt the need to document his flub.