Okay, today I had two culinary flops. Two people, and in this heat! The first came from what I thought was/is a fantastic baking book that Andrew spotted at the library. I have flagged multiple recipes and decided to try the Chocolate Banana pound cake. It was a fussy recipe, fussier than need be and it called for rum. I didn’t have real rum, so I used rum extract the imitation kind. Well it kind of has a funky flavor, from the rum and the lemon zest that you had to add to the bananas. The clincher for me was that it didn’t really bake enough, despite being in the oven for an hour and 20 minutes. The knife came out clean so I assumed all was well. Marc and Andrew asked what I was going to do with it. I said I trash it, -tomorrow. It’s too sad to can it on the same day. The next fail was making pizza strips from scratch. (they are a favorite R.I. specialty, served at b-day parties) The sauce was way too salty, the recipe’s fault and too sour. I added a can of tomato paste as the sauce looked too runny. Oy. I need a dessert do-over and to un-squander those wasted calories! Kirsten, I need a gelato, stat!