Hello there! Today was the first day of July and and hot start to the new month. To escape the heat, Sophia and I took refuge in our basement. A couple of weeks ago, I had purchased fabric and a vintage pattern from our local consignment store. I spent 50 cents on each. So I suggested we try and sew the simple robe. We did and I have to say it was challenging, despite it’s ‘Simplicity’. Is it wonky, oh yes, did I use colorful language, yep, did my bobbin give me trouble, yah, it did but did Sophia improve her sewing skills, happily yes. We used my machine as I discovered something spooked Sophia from using her machine. I hope she gains more confidence with hers or my machine and tries to sew something else this summer. At any rate it was something cool to do today and you can’t snack and sew.