Today, our first official day in Philly, we made the mistake of heading to the Philadelphia museum of art and not checking their hours. We were quiet sad to discover that they are closed on Mondays. We started the morning having the best coffee (well Marc did) in Philadelphia at Old City Coffee. He agreed that it was great coffee and the kids enjoyed fresh o.j and cocoa. I’m trying to stay healthy, so I ordered hot water to make oatmeal on the sly and taste tested Fi’s scone. I also brought my scale and have been going to the fitness room in the morning and evenings to keep walking. But anyway, after snapping a photo with Rocky, we went to the Eastern State Penitentiary.  Andrew really loved exploring this most historic prison. It had a good recorded tour to follow, but we thought it would be cooler (temp-wise) than it was. From there we headed to the Franklin institute Science Museum. It was delightfully cool in there and we explored many of the exhibits including the Giant Walk-Through Heart, watching an Imax film on building the railroad through the Canadian Rockies and watching a planetarium show. We treated our selves to an afternoon sundae at the Franklin Fountain, a vintage Ice Cream Saloon and Shan Confectionery, possibly the most charming vintage candy shop. I think the boys are leaning towards a Geno’s authentic cheese steak for dinner. I’m not sure they offer much for a vegetarian pallete there, but we will see. Oh, as I look at today’s photos, I see we also visited the Liberty Bell and came across a fantastic art store.