We are on our vacation. Today we drove to Philadelphia, making a pit stop in Camden NJ to visit the NJ Aquarium. The ride went really fine, much faster than I anticipated. I drove to our lunch break in Palisades NY, at the Cheesecake Factory. We had no traffic and the I was listening to Unbroken so the miles flew by. Marc took over the drive from lunch to Camden. Our GPS was a little off base and we missed the exit for Camden and went over the bridge to Philly. We corrected our mistake and found the Aquarium. Camden is apparently not a great city, but from what I saw it was fine. The Aquarium was like the UN with so many different nationalities. I was kicking myself for not wearing my sari. The highlight of the visit was the hippos and the sharks. I thought the signage was lacking in places and was remembering how beautiful the lego aquarium was in San Diego last year. Sophia and I were turned off by all the food and snacking you can do, in all the exhibits. The workers were constantly vacuuming up popcorn and I thought is this really a good idea to sell here? Any hoo. We are staying a stone’s throw from Betsy Ross’ home, and you can spot it by the flag flying out front. We had a late and light dinner after a swim on the roof of our hotel, at a neat tapas restaurant. So that’s the update from the city of brotherly love. Hopefully this harmonious feeling will be felt by our two siblings as they have to share a bed.