Hello, today is our last day in PA. It is really a beautiful state, from the small parts we have seen. Everywhere here in Lancaster is fertile farm land. It has been built up, but right behind a big box store or chain restaurant will be cow pastures and corn or tobacco fields. Yesterday we visited the Indian Echo Caverns and Hershey Chocolate World. Both were really fun and interesting sites. The caverns were fun to explore and filled with stalactites and stalagmites. We explored the rainbow room, crystal lake and Indian Ballroom, where couples have even got married. From there we went to Hershey’s Chocolate world. We skipped the amusement park and water park, and instead went on the ‘factory’ tour and on a trolley ride around the town of Hershey. The trolley tour was a hoot! Two guides acted out different Hershey family members and sang songs. We got a big kick out of it. Part of the tour was the chocolate tasting lab, which was better than I anticipated as, Hershey’s chocolate isn’t a favorite of mine, being the chocolate snob that I am. We have encounterd so many cute goats on our trip!