jiggety-jig! The pets were in good spirits when we came to the door last night. Archie had been busy shedding. During his waking and sleeping hours, he kept at it,  judging by the looks of the carpet and floors. Andrew caught up on his sleep on the long ride home and in his own bed. He awakened at 11:20 this morning, so I hope he is back to normal. Last night I got the wash going and this morning I tackled those extremely furry floors, ugh! We are settling back into the swing of things, remembering our fun week in Philly. Here are some more pictures from the trip. (If you are wondering, hey why so few pics of you Ingrid, well, someone broke into our hotel room and in the middle of the night, permed my hair, yes, so that’s the reason I’m absent) (Yes, it does happen quiet frequently, these under cover perms, it’s just not really talked about) (Really the humidity and a too short hair/bang cut did a number on my ‘look’ which could be circa-1982 right now)