football and Fi’s art party. Today we were invited to swim at the Wellington resort in Newport. Our friends from swim class have a time-share there and with it, use of the pools. It was wonderful and the water was so refreshing. We also got to try the Newport Library and have lunch at the Little Cafe. I forgot my camera, so this image is from the website. Thank you Mary Anne and Mary Beth for such a fun day. After dinner I started a project to do as an activity for Fi’s party. I made cartoon-y line drawings of the guests in the style of pop-artist Roy Lichtenstein, and the idea is to use q-tips or the end of a pencil to fill in the color dots to complete the paintings. Thank you Michelle for supplying the canvas boards! We still need another project and are waiting for inspiration to return. Andrew went with Marc to get his football gear after dinner. His first practice in August 1st. Oy, it is a lot of equipment and I can’t imagine moving with it all on, let alone playing a game. So that’s the poop here.