The smell, the powdery residue, and of course the popping factor. Sophia popped 3 balloons today, and I swear each time it was another nail in my coffin. Plus it was so BLOODY hot and humid today. Oy to the 10th degree. Archie also proved to be a huge pain, by eating a banana that he stole off the counter (they don’t agree with him, since he eats them peel and all) getting underfoot and making a break for it and bolting out the door. At that point Andrew was the only one  trying to get him home. Sophia and I saw it as a wish granted. But the table is set (my favorite part of having a party) the cake is almost done (it will be a most wonky artist palette, Sophia suggested that it will represent an Impressionist one, since it is so messy) the projects figured out, crepe batter made, and goody bags filled (age 14 might not need it, but we liked the color on the table). Now I can due a final vacuum, just as soon as I shellac both pets. Oh the fur, it really is flying. Cousin Michelle will be here tomorrow with more supplies and most importantly her wonderful spirit. I think she might find me curled up on the floor in a tumble weed of fur and crumbs, we can call it an installation piece, ‘Mom in repose’ or ‘Mother at the brink’ depending on how things pan out.