Yesterday, Sophia, Doreen and I embarked on a thrifting odyssey. We went to our first Goodwill Outlet, a warehouse of things Goodwill stores can’t sell after 6 weeks. So if you think of the chain of unwanted-ness, a person donates to Goodwill, things they no longer want, then it is given a chance at a new use if it is purchased, if not then it gets laid out in huge bins and sold in a hanger type building to be sold by the pound. What happens after this stage, I don’t know, maybe sent on to scrap buyer perhaps? I had read about the Outlets on some blogs and of course wanted to try my luck at finding some true diamond in the rough. First off it was cleaner than I thought and the bins were organized, books with books, handbags and purses together, so it wasn’t like a mountains of mishmashed junk. Sophia found some books and a vintage make-up case, Doreen found some books, and I took home these chairs and a Richard Scarry word book. I wouldn’t set out to go again though. We also shopped at a regular Goodwill and a Salvation Army near the Outlet and I found a these shoes for $4.99.