Good morning! I have been slow to blog this week. I’ll use the it’s August and so hot excuse. Last night I did a demo and a talk about my work at Studio Hop. They are now one of the galleries that is on the Providence Gallery night circuit. You can read about it here: It was a great group of people who were dropped off. I enjoyed talking with them and hallelujah, my face didn’t turn bright red like it usually does. The best reaction on the evening was when I placed a very delicate looking paper-cutting in their hands, there was a collective gasp. I was also chatting up my fall RISD C/E course (see link ) and fingers crossed there will be enough enrolled to make the class happen. Today I have a meeting in town to discuss teaching a paper cutting class this winter at our Guild. In other exciting news (to me that is) Marc, Andrew and I cleaned our garage. Oh what a wonderful feeling. I already hauled a carload of cast-offs to Salvation Army and today is recycling and garbage pick up day, ahhhhhh! The week has gone by so quickly and it was so nice to have Marc home, especially to help with the football drop-off and and math class chauffeuring. I watched another episode of Project Runway and still have no feelings towards any contestant. Here is Andrew inspired by one of the crazy hair looks on the show: