With the kids starting school, summer seemed over. So it was time to purge my pink and light green doo-dads & decor and bring out something more seasonal. I got a great set of dishes today, originally from Pier One and scored this great sampler a few weeks ago. The other things are not new, but hopefully I am displaying them in a new setting or arrangement. The kids have had a good start this week, they have tomorrow off. Yes, a day off already, apparently the South Kingstown tradition is, if school begins before Labor day then they take Friday off, as well as Monday. Oy. I was in a bit of my own funk earlier this week, thank goodness it is lifting. Something that really helped was returning to Yoga class this morning. Fabulous, and I must remember today’s message of finding grace during this time of change. Perfect, I hope I can keep this in mind & heart. I drove by the high school on my way home from class and the supermarket and it was strange to think Sophia was there, -as a student, how did that happen? Along the same line, how is it that I’ve been married 17 years? A big oy! It is our anniversary this weekend. Oh how I’d love to have another spin on our wedding dance floor, and a piece of our wedding cake! My fifth grader had success with his locker yesterday, what helped was getting the correct numbers for his combination, doh! Much easier to open now! Meanwhile I have sinful (2 sticks of butter, only 1/2 a cup flour) brownies baking, isn’t the 17th anniversary the ‘brownie’ one?