Both kids have school today and as Martha would say, ‘it’s a good thing’. I have a commission to cut and tackled my grubby house this morning. It feels like a long day already and it’s just a minute shy of noon. I guess since I’ve been up since 6. The rain is pouring outside and I am so delighted not to have a wet dog to dry, smell and walk again in the rain later, hallelujah! Yesterday, I went fishing with Andrew and Marc. We went out in the canoe on Worden’s pond. This was my view, I was in the bow, wedged in the very tip of the canoe. I’ll say two things about the experience, first I don’t know how Louis Zamperini the WWII hero survived 47 days in a lifeboat and thank goodness I had a book. In other news, I learned today that my RISD class is a bust. I didn’t have the enrollment needed to hold the class. It’s a relief to know the status, but I wish it was better news. Hopefully if the class is offered again, maybe to be held in Providence and at another time slot is will be a go.