Yes, this summer I spent far too long away from the drawing/cutting table. Boy did I feel how rusty I am this week. It was a struggle to re-cut these s’s for Studio Hop. I’d do a cut or two, then look up and loose my interest, force myself to cut some more, only to cut a few lines and again loose focus. Luckily I had two things help me out of this funk, I went to yoga class and I had a good Shari session on the phone. So I have a direction. I’m doing an alphabet series that will be available as cards and as original paper cuts. Shari’s son was the inspiration for the soccer playing otter. I don’t know if all 26 animals will have a sports theme, are there 26 sports? If I had tuned into the Olympics this summer I might know. So hopefully I will clear out the cobwebs and get some new pieces done, the RISD Alumni sale is fast approaching.