Yes, I had trouble thinking of a post title. I’m trying to cut 2 new finishes a day, for my alphabet series. Yesterday I managed to do 1, but 1 is better than none and it’s good to have a goal. I was up at 6  yesterday as Andrew needed to go to a weigh in for football at 6:45. I sure got a lot done, even before 10 am! One thing was looking into a few yard sales. The best one was a church sale, where I picked up these brooches for $2. They were a $1 per baggie full and only 1 pin wasn’t my cup of tea. I got a kick out of wall of mugs that the church staff must use, as it was taped over so that none of these would be mistakenly sold. They looked like they were purchased at yard sale to begin with, so if they sold one, I imagine that they could be replaced fairly easily. Fi and I started watching the series, Arrested Development and love it! It’s nice to have a ‘show’ to enjoy together. We also watched this Swedish film. I really liked it, Fi was a little bent out a shape at the ending. Give it a go, the title is ‘As it is in Heaven’. Okay, I’d better run and get my face paint on and chill my six-packs, making the most of Andrew’s football game today.