I wish I had a more original post title, but instead of dreaming up one, I thought I just get one done. I got a start this morning when my husband called, saying he was coming home from work. He seems to be hit with a bad flu, the poor guy. One of his co-workers called to see if he made it home, as he was shaking and had blue lips when he left work, yikes. He is sleeping and I hope that as fast as he was hit, he will recover as quickly. It was ironic because I had stripped our bed and had all the pillows and duvet outside to air out. Well they didn’t spend much time in the fresh air, as I quickly scrambled to get the bed made up again. My sweet sis wanted to pay me for the commission for her friend, I asked if she and her husband could update my blog/etsy/web sites. I am so excited, I cut this as a possible banner. Meanwhile not much has been cut for my up-coming RISD alumni sale. I have a lot already cut that I am going to be making into cards, but time is flying by. I went to an interesting talk at our library last night on meditation and near death experiences. I am inspired to try and meditate daily. I’ll be sure to share any enlightenment with you all!