Hello! In the midst of this crazy week, I am planning winter classes. Last night I made an example for a folk-art, song-bird making workshop. (I think I’ll have to think of a more concise title) I made this gold crest bird using a masking tap /faux paper mache technique. It is much quicker and neater than the traditional wet newspaper method. The body was started with a plastic easter egg, the legs are made of twine wrapped wire and the eyes are beads. I hope the class will be offered, I think it was really fun to make this song bird. Now to work on another sample, for another workshop in the making. This time a class in making a large scherneschnitte based on a family tree motif. Good thing I got my things organized for tomorrow’s show. Here I thought I’d be eating bon-bons today. Actually I couldn’t as I need to go to the supermarket as well!