Today I branched out (pardon the pun) and spread my roots (hee) and started my paper cutting ‘example’ for a workshop that I will offer to teach this winter. Did you know I get scared everytime I start a new piece. Yes, I do and I wish I didn’t, but I guess it’s part of my process. I guess I fret over if it will fail, or if it will work. This one was a mind bender. I had trouble figuring out how to organize the families. So, this was my solution; each family is a nest with the parents as the birds, and their children as the eggs. From there, I wanted to show families from the nest, so they are the leaves that branch (yes another pun) off the nest or are nearby. I really like the way the tree looks when it is bare! It’s a little busy with all the nests and stuff. I’ll let you know if the class happens, it will be at the Providence Handicraft club. I think I hold off glueing it down until morning. So that’s the latest here.