Okay, I am crazy. I bought a big clock yesterday (you can see in thursday’s post) got it on the wall today. My fear was/is if I didn’t paint it right away, it would languish indefinitely and proceed to haunt me. So I put three coats of paint on it and did a little folk painting. I tried to exercise restraint. All this had to be done before I lost the light and so I’d have some blog content. Meanwhile I was out for a few hours today, the kitchen floor is still dirty and I’m pushing the envelope posting this, when I should be starting dinner. I also had a bee in the bonnet to make something new for my door. I’m kinda eh about it, but at least changed it up. I have/had grander plans, going with white pumpkins, and spider webs and doing a cut out for each window. Sigh, I need to celebrate what I have done, instead of focusing on what I didn’t get to. It’s a bad habit. So enough of my blather, the stove is calling me. Ooh, and the clock doesn’t work, sigh! (fyi it was $15)