Hello, I am working on a new large papercutting. (1. large round tree) I bought a box of X-acto blades on sale and they are junk. I’ll make like 4-5 cuts and the tip snaps off. I shudder to think how many blades I’ll go through at this rate. Today I brought home a chair for Andrew. (2. big round chair, aka papasan chair) I spotted it the other day at Salvation Army. I didn’t buy it then because it wasn’t priced. In the meantime, Andrew has been sitting on a air pillow by his window to do his daily reading. The lightbulb went off over my head, plus I was trying to think what to get him for his upcoming birthday. He is happy with it. His train/lego table used to be in this spot, and is now in our basement. Finky was enjoying the view. Andrew is grimacing due to +20 lb. of pure feline pressure drilling into his leg.