Hello on a friday. It’s strange weather, I’m chilly in the house and outside it’s warm and threatening to rain. This morning I got this piece finished and framed. I will be bringing to Studio Hop on Monday, along with some calendars. I just got a pile of copies from the copy shop, so I can assemble 24 more calendars. I’m not quite revved up to put them together, but that can change. This week hasn’t been as frantic as last week which is a nice change. On the other hand, I sure got a lot done last week and I’m feeling less motivated today. Last night, I took a small plunge, for me the thrift queen and purchased a pair of cowboy boots. I bought them online, so I don’t know if they fit or if I’ll like them, but I have been wanted a pair for about 3 years. Over the summer I almost bought a second hand pair in Philly, but they were really worn and men’s and I kind of got creeped out by them. I researched comfortable cowboy boots and Ariat are the brand that people raved about. What sealed the deal, were the stitched heart details. I’ll let you all know if they are a success. Here’s the link, as these photos are so tiny http://www.countryoutfitter.com/products/16187-womens-fatbaby-saddle-boot.