for my curbside find. You can see what it looked like in the previous post. I’m pooped, but the bee in my bonnet has been satisfied. In bringing in this desk/vanity, I did a little re-arranging in my t.v. room. I do yoga in this room everyday and everyday I was looking at a Dell computer we no longer use. I also didn’t like the way my couch and easy chair were squished along the wall. So I took two sides of U-shaped desk away to free up some space. I think I like this new set-up. This Christmas I want to set up our tree in this room. We spend the most time here and I felt the tree got ignored in the blue room last year. I will be setting up multiple trees so I think every room will have a Christmas feeling. I don’t know if it looks strange to have this vanity/desk where I put it, but I just love it. My favorite part are the legs. I also got a thrill with how well my Salvation army chair looks with it. Good thing my husband and kids humor me on these ideas of mine. Now to tackle everything that fell by the wayside while I was painting and re-arranging. Good thing all our schools are cancelled for tomorrow. Andrew is over the moon to have a day off for his birthday.