Yahooo, our lights came on tonight at around 7:30. Trick and Treating had already been postponed until Saturday night. We had Andrew’s birthday party anyway and it was a cozy candle-lit time. The kids played soccer while it was still light, they decorated ‘gingerbread’ houses and played Uno and Apples to Apples. It helped to have good company in another dark evening. Marc and Andrew took pictures of the wall in Narragansett during Sandy. School is cancelled for tomorrow, but that’s okay now that we have power. I spent a lot of time cleaning during this hurricane. This morning we chucked the contents of the fridge and freezer. The garbage man will have his work cut out for him on Friday. But anyhoo, I was able to make a sponge cake and whip the cream before the power went out on Monday, Andrew’s birthday. Our party cake had to be purchased for today’s party and we dressed it up to look like a cemetery. I was also putting the finishing touches on Andrew’s gummy bear-bag costume. I hope the letters stay on. Well, that’s the news here. It feels so nice to be showered and warm. Goodbye Sandy, let’s hope we are done with storms for another year or two.