and not even 6 pm. Hello, it’s been a long week. The kids had school on friday, and I think I started laundry and went to the supermarket. I’m gun-shy about buying much, so today Sunday I had to go back. Last night our town had it’s evening of trick or treating/Halloween. The kids had fun and we are up to our ears in CANDY! Today we did a lot of yard work and Marc tackled our garage. I couldn’t look as he carried an extremely heavy canoe on his back up a ladder to store in the loft of our garage. I’m all set for tomorrow’s last card making class. Most of my students are catching up on their lino cards, but one will work on this week’s card, a pop-up. The kids and I were still on a high from Andrew’s party, so we decided to throw a Snowflake Sleepover. We’ll kick off the holiday season with a holiday movie marathon and have a pancake bar in the morning. I think cute P.J’s are in order. So that’s the latest here, in the dark, although I shouldn’t complain, as it is lovely to have electricity!