Imageemptying my linen closet and teaching my two workshops. Hello dear reader, it has been quiet here on the blog. This week I began teaching two workshops at the Providence Handicraft Club. The morning class is making folk art song birds, using masking tape. The afternoon class is creating a scherenschnitte family tree. I really enjoyed all my students and felt re-charged sharing ideas with them. This energy carried over to my home keeping and this morning I tackled my linen closet. This is what I pulled out of it, oy vey, right? I have purged and you can shut the closet door again. Hooray. The kids and I have embarked on a moving more, snacking less adventure. Andrew is our trainer and so far we have lost 7 lbs as a group! Our goal is 5 lbs a person, fingers crossed that we keep to our goal and task. So that’s the latest here.