IMG_6334Hello, dear reader. I am basking in the glory of it being (only) Saturday night of a 3 day weekend! The Mr. and I had a bang up time tonight. We had dinner out and a movie. My requirements for dinner were, a restaurant with a fireplace and for stew to be on the menu. Yeah, go figure. I’m heavily influenced by what I read. So in our paper they featured restaurants that had fireplaces in Wednesday’s food edition. Today’s Wall Street journal was featuring where in Paris you could still get Boeuf bourguignon. Well, since we weren’t hopping on a plane, I came up with Cracker Barrel. Yes, I am a gal of simple tastes. Let me tell you it was dee-lish-ishous! I ended up with the meatloaf by the way, but fear not, stew was on the menu. I loved poking around the gift shop and came away with a $5 pair of love bird salt & pepper shakers. Talk about a perfect ending to my meal! We then skeedadled over to the theater, to find out our movie had sold out. (Silver Lining Play-book) So we saw the Gangster club (I think that’s the title) it was heavy on the shoot-em up, but great on the period details and very exciting. So with these new salt & pepper shakers (photo to come) acting (hopefully) as a catalyst, I will put away the remaining x-mas decorations and embrace Valentine’s day (I suppose). Here is yet a gratuitous photo of Herr Finkleman, birding. And my sketch, which I have moved onto the cutting stage.IMG_6333