IMG_6335Hello, a brisk one at that. We awoke to 5 inches of snow this morning. A certain boy was devastated that we didn’t have a snow day. We did have a three day weekend to begin with, so I wasn’t too sympathetic. Our 5lb. goals have been met and surpassed, yay! Fingers crossed that we can continue to do well. The Mr. is onboard now, as of this morning. He is doing a more drastic approach, using GNC shakes. One of my favorite treats to have on my ‘reducing regime’ are these Chobani greek yogurt bites. This is my favorite flavor and the portion is just perfect. I’ve been cleaning in the sunshine and noticing how shabby the house looks. I need a magic wand to refinish our wood floors, paint the upstairs & downstairs hallways, paint the tv room and replace the stair carpeting. In the meantime, I’ll just celebrate that the house is tidy. Now to visit my neglected paper cutting.